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Z900rs competes with z650rs! You think z900rs wins?
2022-03-31 12:01:08
Since its launch in 2018, the z900rs has been the champion of the Japanese sales list for three consecutive years, while the z650rs, which appeared in 2021, is a new car based on the z650 and added neoclassical style.

Due to the naming of the same z-rs vehicle, these two vehicles with the same style are often compared together. What are the differences between the two vehicles in hardware specifications? Let the editorial department compete on paper for z900rs and z650rs!

Strong man vs slim gentleman!?

The first is the power core engine. The z900rs is equipped with a water-cooled parallel four cylinder engine. Not only does the engine have a full sense of existence, the four head sections extending from the cylinder head also attract attention, and the dense exhaust sound will excite the fans; In contrast, the z650rs adopts a parallel two cylinder engine based on the practical level. Although the momentum and exhaust sound can not match the z900rs, the maintenance cost of daily use must be more approachable.

In the power data part, the z900rs has a maximum horsepower output of 111ps, which is much larger than the 68ps of the z650rs, but there are not many opportunities to fully release 111ps in the daily use situation. Too much power is also easy for the rider to feel pressure during handling. Therefore, the 68ps of the z650rs may be more suitable for daily driving.

Next, we can see the body size. The wheelbase of the z900rs is 1470mm, which is 65mm more than the 1405 of the z650rs. Theoretically, the handling feeling of the z650rs will be more flexible and lightweight, and the z900rs will be more popular in high-speed stability. (incidentally, although the wheelbase difference is 65mm, the total length of the vehicle body is only 35mm.)

▲ on the left is the z900rs and on the right is the z650rs. It can be found that the overall width of the z900rs is 65mm more than that of the z650rs, and the overall height is 35mm more than that of the z650rs. However, the z650rs creates a more modern atmosphere than the z900rs through the bold headlamp frame.

▲ from the perspective of the rear of the car, compared with the rear wheel with the width of 180mm of the z900rs, the rear wheel width of the z650rs is only 160mm. Coupled with the exhaust pipe hidden under the car body, the rear perspective of the z650rs gives the impression of being slim and less domineering.

▲ from the top view of the vehicle body, we can see the huge difference in volume between parallel four cylinder and parallel two cylinder engines, as well as the difference in fuel tank capacity. The z900rs is stronger and more existential as a whole, while the z650rs is light and thin, which can make people relax driving control.

▲ the instruments of both vehicles are equipped with dual traditional pointer instruments and central LCD screen. While paying tribute to the glorious history of the past, modern technology is added, including oil gauge, clock, gear, water temperature, single mileage, total mileage and other information, which can be seen at a glance on the central LCD screen. The z900rs also has three sections of adjustable tracking control system, and the z650rs is not assisted by this electronic control system.

In terms of handling performance, the z900rs with a body weight of 215kg allows the knight to ride easily and enjoy the best time of the holiday, while the z650rs with a weight of nearly 30kg gives the knight a sense of lightness that he can drive at any time; In any case, the two cars use the same design vocabulary, so no matter which car it is, it can be enjoyed by motorists who love neoclassical style.

Of course, the first choice is z900rs, but z650rs is more suitable for daily use

After comparing z900rs and z650rs on paper, there is a feeling that Z1 / Z2 has been reborn in modern times. Although there are great differences between the two generations in terms of engine form and suspension structure, we can see the shadow of Z1 / Z2 from the plumpness and depth of z900rs and the lightness and leisure of z650rs.

The z900rs and z650rs are both neoclassical models that perfectly reproduce the era of Showa in Japan. If you pursue the feeling of "that era", of course, the first choice is the z900rs. If you not only like neoclassical, but also care about daily driving convenience and subsequent holding cost, then z650rs is your high-quality choice, or you are a mature adult... Start with both!
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